The 5th Club

Only the Best Care
for Your Child

The sitEX Powerhouse daycare is managed by KiMi (KIMI Krippen AG), a renowned daycare operator with more than 30 locations around Switzerland.

The KiMi Philosophy

Finding a balance between your child’s welfare and a career is not always easy for parents.

However, we believe at KiMi that there should be no compromise.

With lots of love, heart and soul, we want to create a world for the children to feel completely at ease, allowing them to learn through play and adventure while immersing themselves in their surroundings.
Because when the children feel good, parents can also start their car carefree.

Hourly Childcare? Yes, We Offer That Too!

The KiMi Daycare doesn’t only offer your standard half-day childcare. Instead, we go a step further.

For the first time in the company’s history, the centre offers hourly childcare at a very affordable rate of CHF 15 per hour (min. 2h), significantly increasing flexibility for all parents.

More details about product offerings and KiMi Muttenz’s full list of pricing can be found here.

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